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Tikka Spikes is one of the leading tire stud manufacturers in the world. We are pioneers in stud innovation, located in the middle of the most authentic test environment in the heart of Finland.

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Always striving for better results

We monitor the quality of our products carefully, and always ensure the quality of both raw materials as well as the finished batches in the laboratory before delivery.

Tikka Spikes takes continuous effort to develop more secure, durable and environmentally friendly stud solutions. The starting point of our every product development endeavour is a controlled and comfortable driving experience.

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Flexible partner with Finnish integrity

The decades we've spent working with the world's leading tire manufacturing has helped refine and develop our processes as efficient as possible. Our R & D engineers are the best in their field, and they work with the latest technology and tools to ensure excellent results.

Our plant is based in Tikkakoski, Central Finland - in the middle of the world's largest and most authentic testing laboratory. Over the long history of the company our skilled engineers have gathered unparalleled insight into the functionality of the tire studs in demanding winter conditions.

We manage the entire production chain, from design to manufacturing. This is what makes the best and most flexible partner for your most demanding projects.

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