Tikka Spikes - Mastering Precision

The core of our company culture is built on trust, traffic safety and expertise you won't get anywhere else.

Our company has a long tradition in engineering and manufacturing high-quality tyre studs. The world's first industrially manufactured slid-prevention studs were our Kometa studs in 1959.

''We manage the entire production chain from design to manufacturing.''

We're proud to say we manage our entire production chain from design to manufacturing. This is our quality guarantee: we can stand behind all of our products one hundred percent.

We focus on the high quality of the end product, and believe in meeting our clients' needs cost-effectively every time. The products are delivered always on time and in correct quantity.

Tikka Spikes is committed to improving both the quality and environmental impact of our products. We also develop our internal operations and processes sustainably to protect the environment.

Tikka Spikes is part of the Continental Group.