High-quality studs for demanding conditions

Tikka Spikes is the oldest and one of the world’s largest manufacturers of tyre studs. We are known for our innovation and uncompromising quality.

Studs for passenger cars and vans

Our studs for passenger cars and vans are designed with traffic safety, environmental friendliness, durability and driving comfort in mind.

Studs for heavy vehicles

Our studs for trucks and heavy machinery feature a hard metal core that is copper soldered firmly to the steel frame, which guarantees excellent durability.

Studs for footwear

Studs for footwear and bicycles

Our studs for shoes and bicycle tyres are designed and manufactured with the same know-how and machinery as our studs for vehicles.

Environmental friendliness and sustainability

As a Nordic manufacturer, environmental friendliness, honesty and sustainability are in our DNA.

Tikka Spikes factory aerial photo

We live in a test environment

We live in conditions where studded tyres are used for about half of the year, so all our employees really know what kind of properties are required from good studs.

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