Tailored studs for tyre manufacturers

In addition to standard studs, we develop and manufacture tailored studs for tyre manufacturers that meet the needs of the tyre model in question.

Exactly the type of tyre stud you need

A stud tailored for a new winter tyre model provides the finishing touch and helps the tyre stand out from its competitors. We develop studs in collaboration with tyre manufacturers. Technical specifications, prices, scheduling and other details are agreed together with the tyre manufacturer.

Tikka Spikes Engineering

Our expertise is at your disposal

Tikka Spikes is the world’s oldest and one of the largest manufacturers of tyre studs. We live in a country where studded tyres are used half the year. We know precisely what makes a good studded tyre.

We provide our decades of expertise to tyre manufacturers. Collaboration is based on trust, and the product development projects of different tyre manufacturers are kept separate from each other. We never disclose information about the product development projects of different customers – not even to our parent company.

Testing a winter tyre in a laboratory

Tikka Spikes as your R&D partner

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